What do Cockroaches Eat [food~items] Roaches food Chain List

What do Cockroaches Eat [food~items] Roaches food Chain List

Roaches are most common pest in most part of the world. Cockroaches can survive on wide range of foods. Type of food and eating material varies species to species. More than 4500 roach species identified around the world but very few are most common.

Cockroaches are unhygienic scavenger and live near bathroom, kitchen, sink, refrigerator. They increase their number rapidly and can live for several days without days. Roaches have interesting body structure and life cycle like open circulatory system, brain located in body not in head. Roach life cycle have three stages i.e Eggs, Nymph and Adult roaches.

What do Cockroaches eat ?

Roaches are insects of the order Blattodea and associated with human habitats. About four species around the world and has been on earth 320 million year ago.

Roaches are omnivorous in nature. Scavenger consume any food organic source near by them. Above all roaches mainly prefer sweet, starches and meats. But also they consume various items like hair, books, decaying matter, restaurants and bakery items.

How long can Cockroach survive without food and water ?

What do Cockroaches Eat
What do Cockroaches Eat

Roaches can live days to week without water and when given only water roaches can survive for months at a time. They die quickly when given dry food and deprived of water.

They play supplementary role in various disease like diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery and various bacterial and viral disease. So roaches carry diseases, allergic reactions and cause various health related issues.

What do attract Cockroaches?

The biggest attractant for cockroaches is food and water. Food can be human food, pet food, cardboard boxes, newspaper, book store, bird food and others.

They can also live on fermenting products, organic decaying products, septic dressing, hair, leather, feces, wallpaper, rotting food and more.

  • Common Species American cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Brown banded Cockroach.

These common species of roaches have adapted to human lifestyles and food items. Also they can be found in food storage, preparation areas, kitchens, grocery stores, restaurants. Roaches mainly prefer moist and warm place to survive.

About – Cockroach Types

Overview Most common insect around humans and they attracted to food that has been left out on dirty dishes, waste left in sink pipe, crumbs lying on floor, on the counter and on floor. Roaches prefer food – human, pet, animal foods, cardboard box, starchy material, they are attracted by moisture (leaky pipes and drains).

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