What do Cockroach look like Eggs/Baby | Roaches Look

What do Cockroach look like Eggs/Baby | Roaches Look

Cockroach known as unhygienic insect and most common problem around most part of the world. Roaches have 4-5 common species around humans among 4500 species. They known as unhygienic scavenger which play supplementary role in various disease like typhoid, diarrhea, allergic and respiratory disorders.

Most common species – American roach, German roach, Brown Banded roach, Oriental roach. Every species has different body shape and appearance as well as lifespan and life cycle. Know about Cockroach appearance and What do cockroaches look like, eggs and baby appearance.

What do cockroach look like

Cockroach appearance and identification –

  • Cockroach Size Roaches have flattened bodies up to 1/2 to 2 inches long (size varies from species to species).
  • Wings Most of the roaches have two pairs of wings and covered entire abdomen. But they rarely fly.
What do cockroach look like
What do cockroach look like
  • Colour They appear light tan to dark reddish brown in color and oriental cockroach color dark brown to shiny blackish. Also they have distinguishing patten on body.
  • Crawls Roaches rarely fly but walk very fast.
  • Cockroaches life cycle revolve around three stages egg to nymph to adult. Female produce large number of eggs in a single time.
  • Body parts Head, Thorax and abdomen.

What do Cockroach Egg look like

Adult female roach produce purse shaped egg case (ggs in group surrounded by a leathery been shaped). It’s called ootheca and it carried by female roaches (duration different for different species.

Ootheca carry 14-44 eggs at a time and hatching will be start after completion of incubation period.

Colour and shape of ootheca varies species to species like american roach egg sacks are reddish to chocolate brown in colour, German roach egg case are pale brown in colour. Oriental roach egg case is dark brown in colour.

What do Cockroach Baby look like ..?

Baby cockroach known as Nymph They are wingless and usually their size in millimeters. They are white during hatching but darken within couple of hours. They grow in stage by shedding the cuticle or skin. Young cockroach appear similar to mature roaches.

Their molts depends upon environmental condition, they rapidly grow in warmth and moist condition. They must need water and temperature (they can live up to a month without water).

What do cockroach egg baby look like
What do cockroach egg baby look like

Cockroach nymph look like adult roach and they are active as well as adult.

Cockroaches usually live in group in close association with people. And mostly active at night

Main place to hide – Cracks and crevices in wall, door frames and furniture. Secure place in bathroom, kitchen, sinks, cupboard, tunnel, animal houses, basement, cardboard boxes.

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