Smoky Brown Cockroach [Periplaneta fuliginosa] Smocy Roach

Smoky Brown Cockroach [Periplaneta fuliginosa] Smocy Roach

Cockroach known as most common pest around humans. Around 4500 species identified around world and very few found near human settlement. Smoky Brown Cockroach adult color – Shiny appearance and uniformly a brown to black color. They are closely like to American cockroach.

Smoky Brown Cockroach
Smoky Brown Cockroach

Smoky Brown roach generally found in near plant and wood, mulch, tree bark, woodpile. They found abdundent found in canopies of palm tree and tree holes.

What do they eat or need to survive – Abundant water, Dead insects, meals, starches, sweets, meat and variety of food.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

Binomial Name Periplaneta fuliginosa
Kingdom Animalia
Class Insecta
Order Blattodea
Family Blattidae
Geneus Periplaneta

Smokybrown cockroach is readily distinguishable from its uniformly dark brown coloration. It’s a scavenger & can survive on wide range of food. The insect contaminate surface, food and human place by spreading bacteria and cause serious illness and allergy. Their proteins can also trigger asthma or allergic reactions.

Periplaneta fuliginosa Life Cycle – Reproduction

Three life stages Egg, Nymph and Adult and they take several days to become nymph to mature. Development depends upon stages.

Egg – Beginning stage females carry an egg case (ootheca). It contains 20 to 26 eggs. 50 to 80 days incubation period. After that eggs hatch. They like warm and high humid place. After incubation babies start comes out from eggs. They can increase their name rapidly.

Smokey Brown Baby Nymph – Babies generally known as nymph roach. They goes various instar and take 9-10 months prior to become mature adults. Roaches are much active as well as adult roaches.

Adult stage – Last stage of life cycle and mature smocy brown roaches live up to 2-6 months and can also live much longer (depends upon environmental conditions and food water).

Smocy Brown Cockroach Bite

Do Smokybrown roach bite? Normally roaches does not attack on humans. But smocke brown roach can bite humans rarely. Lots of bacteria and protozoa available on roach body and digestive system. so they responsible to spread wide range of disease and infection.

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Smoke Brown Cockroach Infestation

Insect commonly found outdoors and mostly seen in night. They active in night to search of food. Also like basement & ground floor levels. Stack of woods, sewer openings, near plants.

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