identify Oriental Cockroach: life cycle, Baby & Eggs

Scientific Cockroach – Blatta orientalis

Roaches are among most common pests in homes and buildings. They search food and water in night. Roaches found mainly in cool temperature places. Oriental Cockroaches mainly blackish in color and 20-27 mm long. Female cockroach egg case in 10-12 mm long and contain eggs from 16-18 eggs.

Roches are among most common of insect and consist one of the most successful insect, because they successfully adjusted to living with humans. It’s one of the most common insect in northwest, midwest and southern US. It also referred as blacked beetle.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental Cockroaches prefer dark, moist and cool place. So Oriental roaches is a type of cockroaches and mainly found near kitchen, washing machines, damp basements. They travel through sewer pipes and lives in filth.

Oriental Cockroach
Oriental Cockroach

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Blattodea
Family Blattidae
Genus Blatta
Species B.Orientalis
Appearance 20-27 mm long & dark brown in color

Details know about – Get all details about Oriental cockroaches like fact, egg, life cycle, lifespan, reproduction, care and control and treatment. Know about Oriental roaches

Oriental Cockroach Life Cycle

Complete life cycle have mainly three phases – Egg, Nymph and Adult.

Female oriental roach produce ootheca (egg case) which contain around 16 eggs. A female roach produces an average of eight egg capsules per lifetime. Egg capsule contain approx 16 eggs that line up vertically (2 by 2 in each egg case). Female roach carries ootheca 12 hours to 5 days). After that capsule deposited in warm place where food and water easily available.

Water bug Life Cycle and Reproduction
Water bug Life Cycle and Reproduction

Incubation period – 42 to 81 days

Female Oriental roach gives no assistance to the young.

Oriental Cockroaches Nymph – (Oriental Cockroach baby) Young Blatta orientalis go through nearly seven instars before adult phases. This stage mainly takes approximately one year. Cockroach Infestation Signs

Third Oriental Cockroaches Adult phase – After young phase, roaches enter in adult phase and Blatta orientalis can live 34-180 days.

Detection – Area that has high humidity and cool temp should be examined.  Basement, kitchen, bathroom, plumbing, cracks, decaying material and others

Blatta orientalis facts and information

  • Oriental roaches shiny dark brown or nearly black in color. They can sized up to one inch.
  • They prefer moist and cool place for living
  • Roches often found feeding on waste or garbage, sewage. Also from decaying organic material. prefer a diet high in starch diet.
  • They play a supplementary role & cause various bacterial and viral diseases.
  • Roaches appear shiny and males have wings and approx 75% of abdomen covered by wings, but female roaches don’t have wings or small wings
  • They are worldwide in distribution and female normally longer than male oriental roaches.
  • Water bug run very fast and increase their number rapidly.
  • They are known for their strong and unpleasant smell “roach” odor.
  • Oriental roaches love water and cool temperature.
  • They prefer 60-80 degree Fahrenheit

Question – Do Oriental Cockroaches bite humans?

Yes, but rarely water bug can bite human near eyelashes, feet and they like dead skin. They can bite during sleep or when they hungry enough.

Question – What happened when Water bug bite human?

Their bite slightly bigger than mosquito. Itching, rashes, some allergic reaction may be occur due to roach bite.

Disease due to water bug ? Oriental cockroaches are dangerous or Not. 

They infest or live at dirty place and carry numerous bacteria and virus on their body and legs. Diseases may occur due to roaches like Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera, Leprosy, Plague, Typhoid fever. They also carry parasitic worms and may cause allergic reactions including itching, swelling, dermatitis and more serious respiratory conditions. Link – Cockroach Types

Oriental Cockroach Egg

Oriental roach reproduction Female roaches produces average 16 eggs and kept an ootheca. A single roach produces an average of eight egg capsules in whole life. Egg capsule carried up to 12 hrs to 5 days by female cockroach. Then it deposit to safe place (near to water and food). Average incubation period upto 41-82 days.

Oriental Cockroaches Egg
Oriental Cockroaches Egg

Oriental Cockroach Nymph

young roach phase is known as Nymph or Cockroach Baby. Also, a Total of seven instars during this phase and take upto 589 days. It’s a middle stage between the egg & adult phases.

Oriental cockroaches adult

It’s the last stage of roach after the nymph stage insect enters the mature stage. Female roach lifespan up to 180 days and male roach lifespan up to 160 days. They walk very fast and found near kitchen, drains, plumbing and others.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches or water bug?

  • Preventive steps – Caulk all cracks or penetrations through ground level walls.
  • Chemical and Hygiene Chemical Aerosols and sprays to be used to remove roaches.
  • Also Baits and traps also used in various places.

Dusts Dry powder formulations made by mixing insecticide and carrier powder. This method can be very useful for treatment of crack, false ceilings and hiding place. Blatta orientalis

Smokes clouds of insecticide particle produced by heat. Particle size is smaller than in aerosols. percentage of smokes deep into hiding places for effective result. (Chemicals and insecticide are dangerous for humans. So, they should be used safely with hazards.

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