Homemade Roach Repellent: Natural Cockroach Repellent Plants

Roaches are the most common problem near human habitats or in-house. Are you sure to remove roaches but don’t want to use dangerous chemicals and pesticides? So numerous technics Homemade roach repellent and Natural Roach repellent available internet. Read the article to know about Natural Cockroach repellent using spices, plants, herbs to repel roaches or force them to leave your house.

The first question in your mind Do any natural repellent really work? Yes but know more about natural repellent which work and which don’t. Lots of natural products available – What do Cockroaches Hate?

As per the study, roaches can live anywhere and eating anything. But few things available that they can not stand. Some species are picky about temperature, humidity, and some hate lights. But It’s not possible to freeze yourself in the house or use fans in every room. So know about substance, What smells Repel Cockroach?

Best DIY Homemade roach repellent
Best DIY Homemade roach repellent

DIY Homemade Roach Repellent

Some strong and few scents shows effective role to discourage roaches as well as other insects. Most common substances and ideas for using plants, spices, herbs as well as essential substance to roaches ran away.

What Plants, Herbs and Spices Keep Roaches Away?

Bay Leaves – Strong belief is that bay leaves strong smell can keep Cockroaches at bay. But fresh bay leaves are not enough powerful to stop the large infestation. But it can be very useful to repel a few roaches. The main reason to avoid pest is, it contains eucalyptol. You can put a few fresh leaves in the cupboard, pantry, and cabinets.

Cinnamon – It has a strong scent and aromatic in nature. But its odor is not as much as effective to repel cockroaches. But mix cinnamon with other aromatic spices might keep some insect away.

Homemade Cockroach Repellents
Homemade Cockroach Repellents

Mint Plants and Oil It has a strong odor and known as one of the best Natural Cockroach Repellent Plants and potent natural insect repellent. Mint plants are fun to grow and good for various other purposes like cooking and cocktails. Dear readers Mint plant also toxic on two species of cockroaches i.e German Cockroach and American Cockroach. Try best DIY Homemade Roach Repellent

Pandan Leaves are strong ingredients in Southeast Asian cooking but not enough strong as a cockroach repellent. The plant has a strong scent and fragrance but not enough to repel cockroach.

Garlic – First choice when you think about strong odor and fragrant food – Garlic. It can be enough powerful to eliminate dirty bugs from your cooking area. Roaches hate garlic smell & odor – a sprinkling of garlic powder in specific areas and they could turn them away.

Saw a baby roach, it’s time to Act fast

Natural Cockroach Repellent

Essential Oils as Natural Cockroach Repellent

Essential oils give a pleasant scent that many people diffuse to relax or rejuvenate themselves. These tricks can also very useful against cockroaches.

Eucalyptus Oil – It have a strong scent that seems to have a strong result in repelling cockroaches Adult as well as the baby. Dilute eucalyptus oil with water and use in the affected area with a spray bottle.

Lavender Oil Known as the most relaxing, stress-reducing oil. According to a study, lavender oil spraying or pouring into small dishes roaches as well as some other insects forced to leave area.

Natural roach repellents
Natural roach repellents

Tea Tree Oil You can combine 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water as well as few tree oil drops and apply the mixture with a spray bottle to repel cockroach.

Peppermint Oil or Cypress Oil You may also keep pests away with peppermint oil or cypress oil. Dilute peppermint oil with water and spray in specific areas to repel roaches. These oils also give off a fresh and pleasant order that helps ease your mind.

Can you repel Roaches with Vegetables and Fruits? Yes, Lemon is the best natural roaches repellent. Many people advised using lemon juice to clean your house, kitchen, and bathroom to repel cockroaches. Cockroach Elimination in Homes

Tricks to Repel Cockroaches From House

Other Household items to repel cockroaches

Citronella Oils or Citronella Candles – Good natural roach repellent and even better it’s non-toxic and pet safe. Method to use Citronella Oils – – Applying it with using a paper towel to wipe out a little of the oil around the entry point or place where you spotted them before.

You can scare Cockroaches Away? Use sound and light to scare roaches. But you can not scare them all way out of your house. Read more about

Cockroach Control Tips

You may also use ultrasonic pest repellers – sound machine. According to various studies suggested that these are not effective ways to keep cockroaches or pests out.

Natural way to get rid of roaches – Cleaning, natural insecticide. essential oils, herbs, plants, species would not kill roaches and through they might be able to deter them from areas.

Some other tips

  • Cockroach repellent with detergents
  • Get rid of cockroaches by using catnip
  • Use baking soda to kill roaches.

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