Florida Woods Cockroach [Eurycotis floridana] Facts/Habitat

Florida Woods Cockroach [Eurycotis floridana] Facts/Habitat

Cockroaches known as most adaptive animal and associated with human habits. They have approx 4500 species around the world. Florida woods roach is a species of cockroach and typically grows to length of 30-40 mm long. Adult FW roaches can eject an extremely foul smelling directional spray upto 1 meter.

Scientific Name – Eurycotis floridana (Walker) and referred as palmetto bug. Synonyms – Periplaneta semipicta (walker), Polyzosteria ignens (Scudder), Polyzosteria sabaliana (Scudder).

Common name – Skunk cockroach, Florida stink roach and palmetto bug.

Florida Woods Cockroach

That can be found near home and buildings. They can transported indoors on another item such as firewood and slow moving roach. It quite similar to oriental roach. They prefer damp locations with abundant moisture and does well in warm, damp climate and found habitats such as Florida and West Indies.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Blattodea
Family Blattidae
Genus Eurycotis
Species E. floridana
Binomial name Eurycotis floridana

Florida woods cockroaches facts

Sometimes called the palmetto bug because they may found hiding under palmetto leaves and similar in appearance to oriental cockroaches.

These roaches measure to about 1-1-5 inches long. Brown to black in colour and have do not have fully developed wings.

Attracted to plant matter or decomposing plants. They rarely enter homes but may come indoors through gaps and cracks.

Due to defensive chemical skin or eye irritation may occur.

They live in damp, dark places – Leaf litters, leaking pipes, bathroom, basements, palmetto leaves, trees, woodpiles.

Most common in humid like West Indies, Florida, Coastal Alabama, Coastal Georgia, Mississippi.

They can produce eggs up to 24 in a single time.

Florida Woods Cockroach Spray

Eurycotis floridana Life Cycle

First Stage Egg – Eggs kept in egg case (ootheca) which forms while attached with adult roach female. Initially egg case appear palee & lack of hardened cuticle. Over time case will darken from reddish brown to black. It approx 13-16 mm long. It carry 20-24 eggs at a time. Incubation period 48 days at 30-36 degree Celsius. Egg to adult maturation time is about 150 days.

Florida Cockroach Nymph
Florida Cockroach Nymph

Second Stage Nymph – Young florida roach are reddish brown to black in color. They undergoes from seven molts during young (pre-adult growth) stage. They have yellow thoracic margins.

Third Stage Adult – Mature stage and female & male roach live up to a year. Florida Woods Roach spent life near plants and plant decaying material.

How to control Florida Woods bug ? – Limited Food Sources and Habitats Dispose of leaf litter and debris around houses to remove easy meals and hiding places. Seal entryways. Also some chemical and insecticide sprays available in market.

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