Dubia Roaches [Breeding/Food] Sale Dubia Cockroach Care

Dubia Roaches [Breeding/Food] Sale Dubia Cockroach Care

Cockroach – Most common insect around human settlement. More than 4500 species identified in all over the world. Dubia cockroaches known as orange spotted roach & bred for sale within the pet industry. It grows around 40-45 mm long.

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  • Scientific Name – Blaptica Dubia
Dubia Roaches
Dubia Roaches

They originate from South America and Argentina for sale within pet industry. Male roach have large wings and smaller end segment on abdomen. On the other hand female roach has vestigial wings a large segment. This difference also visible in nymph stage.

Dubia roaches are scavengers and they can live off anything leftover.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Blattodea
Family Blaberidae
Genus Blaptica
Species B. dubia

Dubia Roaches

Dubia Cockroach facts – They have more protein and calcium than most other common species.

They also have 1/3 rd amount of chitin compared to cricket, making them more digestible.

It need to be housed in containers with smooth sides so they are not able to climb out of their enclosure.

Temperature – 85-90f considered as hot for insect. They don’t cope well with cold temperature. 29-32 C temp necessary for breeding.

Humidity – 45-55% considered as ideal humidity. It’s important as they need moisture to breed as well as to shed their exoskeleton.

Without moisture they get trapped within their own skin and die.

From hatching to adult a roach take up to 6 month in favorable conditions to become fully grown. These are slow growing species among common cockroaches species.

A female roach can give birth 20-30 live miniature roach per month. They are one of the few insects that do not lay eggs and instead are born through the ootheca, which is placed in a special breed bag within the female until they are ready to hatch.

Dubia Cockroach Breeding

They need lots of space for hiding place to feel secure to grow and breed. Egg crate from cardboard also retain heat and provide a large surface area.

Ratio = 1 male : 5 female

Male excess male will fight within them and disturb the females, so lowering the breeding potential of colony.

These look like little wood lice and upto 4 mm long. They quickly grown and shed lots of time before becoming adult.

Dubia cockroaches care very easy they need little healthy food, warm temperature and small place to hide. Housing, Heat and Humidity, Food and Water, Cleaning necessary for proper breeding.

Dubia roaches life cycle – Adult dubia roach should 1-1/2 long at the age of 5-6 month long. Also They are sexually mature. Each female develop 20-40 offspring at a time. They held inside until they hatch. which take place four week after fertilization.

Dubia Roaches like to eat fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, powdered grains, Cat and Dogs dry foods, Oranges & fruits which contain carotenoids, and others.

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