Cockroach Poop Allergy/Disease | Roaches Droppings Smell Feces

Cockroach Poop Allergy/Disease | Roaches Droppings Smell Feces

Roach known as most common insect around human living & settlements. Total 3500 to 4000 species around the world. Few common species generally around human settlements. Cockroach poop and feces also serious problem as equal as roaches. Cockroaches have three life cycle stages egg, nymph (young stage), adult stage (mature). Egg produced by female cockroaches.

Most common species – American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Brown banded cockroach, Australian cockroach. They enough to spoil food, to spread various disease various other serious problem. Cockroach droppings easy to spot and most easy evidence to identify roaches.

  • Questions How to identify Cockroach Feces?
  • Where to find roach poop?
  • Disease or allergies due to roach poop

Cockroach Poop – Allergy Disease

Cockroach dropping is serious problem and smaller roaches leaves behind brown or black poop approx coffee grain or black pepper size. Mature roach leave behind dark and cylindrical shape (ridge down with blunt end). Appear as brown black stain and it cause various disease and allergic reactions.

Cockroach Poop
Cockroach Poop

As we know insect (roach) omnivores. They get their food from garbage, organic decaying, sewage. So their digestive system & roach poop contain disease or allergic pathogens.

Their poop pollute kitchen surface, pantries, food items. Due to roach feces food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid, allergic problem and others.

Cockroach Poop Smell Can you get sick from roach poop – roaches produce musty, pungent order and it’s a sign of infestation. This smell can change of taste of food and a serious cause of food poisoning.

Disease due to Cockroach poop

It carry various bacteria and pathogens (they get food from decaying material, garbage, sewage and dirty place). When they enter in home, they deposit these harmful pathogens in food, floor. Due to this many disease may occur like allergic and asthma, typhoid, fever, diarrhea by contaminating food.

Their part & protein can trigger asthma attack and allergic reaction.

Where to look roach poop -Top of cabinet, shelves and high home utensils.  Corner of rooms & baseboards. Inside of pantries, drawers, food storage area, shoe racks.

Behind washers, stoves, fridge, near sinks and others. Near organix storage materials like paper and cardboard boxes.

Dropping size depends upon species to species and size of insect. Feces also a serious problem and carry very harmful substance which cause various health issues to human. Cockroaches nymph and adult are equally active. Most common species American roach, German roach, Brown banded roach, Australian roach near humans. They can eat anything like toothpaste, soap, food, paper, decaying material.

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