Cockroach Facts things to know :- Roaches Facts & Myths

Cockroach Facts things to know :- Roaches Facts & Myths

Roaches are most common pest in all parts of world. They are common problem of many homes. There are few things and facts you must know. During night Cockroaches mainly search for food in areas like Kitchen, food storage and others. They have filthy habits and bad smell (odor smell).

About Cockroaches structure and shape – Insect have flattened from top to bottom. They usually have two pairs of wings folded flat over at back side. More than four thousand species in all over world. Most species rarely fly but run fast.

Most common species

  • American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)
  • Oriental Cockroach  (Blatta orientalis)
  • Australian Cockroach (Periplaneta australasiae)
  • Brown banded Cockroach (Supella longipalpa)
  • German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

All species have common life cycle phases like Egg, Nymph and Adult. But instar and time of phases vary species to species. Know about cockroach like facts, myth and details about them.

Roaches life cycle – three phases Egg, Nymph and adult likewise but lifespan, behavior vary species time to time.

Cockroach Facts

Roaches can live for a week without its head and they can hold their breath up to 40 minutes (it’s only due to open circulatory system and they can breath through little holes in each body segment.

They hold breath for a long time and can even survive submerged under water up to 30 minutes.

Roaches can run up to three miles (approx 5 kilometer) in an hour. Cockroach baby (one day old) can run as fast as adult roaches.

Cockroach Facts
Cockroach Facts

German cockroach rapidly increase their number and responsible for various infection and allergic reactions.

American cockroach attract to beer and alcoholic beverages.

Most of the species active in night and mainly in group.

Cockroaches eat a wide range of food (human consumption, starchy and sugary material).

They can live without food for a month but will only survive 6-7 days without water.

Most of species prefer moist and warmth place but oriental cockroaches prefer cool temperature.

Cockroaches may cause some allergies and make people sick and can create problem for asthma or respiratory associated disease.

Cockroaches can live anywhere between few months to a couple of year. They easily adaptable & can survive in most environments.

They hate smell of peppermint oil, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Can roaches hate smell of lemon – Smell of lemon repels cockroaches to a great extent.

Cockroach Myths

Can roaches survive in Nuclear blast – Cockroaches can tolerate 10 times radiations then people, but bad bug would not survive in nuclear explosion (due to massive radiations).

Do roaches exist when or before Dinosaurs – It’s not a myth, roaches estimated to be before at least 200 million years roach fossils dating before 300-350 million years.

Can roaches live without head – This not a myth, roaches can survive for a long time without head.

Are bigger cockroaches a bigger problem – Myth – Bigger roach bigger problem – Size doesn’t matter. Young and adult roaches both are able to create various health issues to humans.

Cockroach myths
Cockroach myths

Will cockroaches eat anything – It’s not a myth and they can eat anything from plant, matter to people food, dead skin, garbage and feces.

Roaches like Beer – Opposite to myth, some roaches seem to like alcoholic and beers (American cockroach)

Cockroaches Don’t Breathe (roaches don’t breathe oxygen). It’s a myth. They can hold breath for a long time to prevent water loss. But all roaches need air (oxygen) to survive.

MythDo cockroach bite human and what happened when a cockroach bite human – Roaches can bite human (but rarely) if they are hungry enough. Bite look slightly bigger than mosquito bite and some people may suffer from allergic reactions, itching, rashes and others

Do cockroaches have venom or dangerous – It’s a myth, They don’t have any venom but may cause allergic reaction to some people.

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Do roach have eyes – Their eyes pretty advanced and give 360 degree vision and many features.

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