Cockroach Eggs ‘Birth-Cycle’ Roach Baby Reproduction

Cockroach Eggs ‘Birth-Cycle’ Roach Baby Reproduction

Cockroaches known as most common pest all over the world. They increase their number rapidly. It commonly known as unhygienic scavengers in human settlements. Get the few details regarding eggs, birth cycle, reproduction as well as hibernation.

They oftenly search for food in night and also crawls near kitchen, bathroom, food storage and buildings drains and sewers. Cockroach having only three stages in their life cycle – egg, nymph and adult.

Roaches are insects flattened from top to bottom usually two pairs of wings & a pair of antennae. Their colour various from light brown to dark brown. Generally 2-3 mm to 80 mm long. More than 4000 identified species but few are important to people because they adapted to living in buildings.

Most common cockroaches

Periplaneta americana American Cockroach

Periplaneta australasiae Australian Cockroach

Blatta orientalis Oriental cockroaches

Supella Longipalpa Brown Banded roaches

Blattella germanica German Cockroach

Scientific Classification 

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Sub class Pterygota
Infraclass Neoptera
Superorder Dictyoptera
Order Blattodea
Families Blaberidae, Blattellidae, Blattidae, Cryptocercidae, Polyphagidae, Nocticolidae

Cockroach Eggs

Roaches have three developmental stages, First stage of life cycle – egg – Female cockroach deposit eggs in cluster surrounded by leathery egg case called ootheca. Some cockroaches carry egg case for several weeks and others deposit ootheca just after 1-2 days. Egg case very distinctive and frequently be used to determine the species present. On the basis of temp, humidity, species the eggs hatch after 1-3 months.

Cockroach Eggs
Cockroach Eggs

Young cockroaches are wingless and very small in size. They are white on hatching but getting colour (turn darken within few hours). After that young cockroach will enter in nymph stage then enter adult phase. Roaches mostly mating & reproduce eggs in warmth and humid place.

Cockroaches reproduction

Few days after mating (3-7 days) female roaches produce egg case, eggs laid down in capsule (egg case)  dark brown symmetrically shaped (bean shaped). The female drops her egg capsule within days after formation (german cockroach carry ootheca for a long time). Female roaches drop egg case at suitable place (food & water easily available). Each case carry eggs (varies species to species).

Cockroach birth cycle Egg stage length Average 20-60 days (varies species to species). Each ootheca have 14-40 eggs per case. German roaches have highest reproductive rate. Insect increase their number rapidly. Birth cycle known starting phase of life of roaches. Read about roach life cycle stages egg, young and mature roach.

Cockroach Reproduction
Cockroach Reproduction

Roaches live in close association with people, they tropical in origin but in temperate zone most species (American, German, Brown bended) live in part where warmth, moisture and food are adequate.

Cockroaches Hibernation

Most of the species like summer season. They rapidly increase their number in warmth and moist place. Roaches mainly carry allergen, bacteria. What happens to cockroaches in winter & they still considered a insect problem?

Most roaches hibernate and some roaches remain active

Do all cockroaches hibernate in winter season?

Wide range of roaches hibernate in winter season. Like Periplaneta americana look for piles of wood that maintain warmth and hibernate until weather warms up. On the other hand some cockroaches remain active in winter season. Oriental cockroach likes cool & moist place to survive.

Overview – Not all species will enter into hibernation in cold season. Blatta orientalis exclusively mating in cold season & don’t go in winter season. They enjoy indoor environment

Do roaches hate cold? Generally most of the species don’t like winter. because they are cold blooded arthropods and don’t survive very well in extremely in cold places. Read in detailRoach Reproduction Cycle

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