Cockroach Bite (Mark/Harmful) : Roach Bites Treatment

Cockroach Bite (Mark/Harmful) : Roach Bites Treatment

Most common insect in parts of the world. Cockroaches have wide range of species over 4000 species identified & insects belong to Blattodea order. Approx 30 cockroaches species associated with human habitats.

They common insect found in all over the world. Roach mainly like warm and humid place to live, mating and to increase their number. Read about remedies and home treatment for roaches bites.

Roaches do not transmit and disease directly from bite. But they can contaminate surface & foods which turn into source of disease and infections.

Cockroaches Bites human
Cockroaches Bites human

Most common roach species – American cockroach (Largest cockroach among all common species), German Cockroach, Brown banded cockroach, Australian cockroach, Oriental Cockroach.

Question – Do cockroach bite human?

Yes cockroach can bite human but very rare. They only feed on callused skin, eyelashes and fingernails. Roach bite human especially when we don’t movie too much or in sleepy condition.

Question – What happen when cockroach bite human?

As we know cockroach have no poison or venoms. So their bites can cause irritation, lesions and swelling. Their bite may cause allergic reaction to some people.

They not likely to champ living humans. Roach can bite when cockroach number are large (extreme infestations) or when food becomes limited.

Cockroach Bite

Main locations on human body which cockroach bites – Face (eyelashes or around eye), Mouth, Hands, Fingers or fingernails). Their bites slightly bigger than mosquito bite.

Cockroach Bite
Cockroach Bite

Most common Cockroach bite symptoms & signs 

  • A bite may be cause larger red bumps then mosquito bite, it’s a primary symptoms.
  • It’s also cause inflammation when we scratch them. Also cause redness & skin rashes.
  • May cause allergic reaction when immune system reacts to protein (which may found in saliva, faeces and body of roach. When insect come into contact with the skin. When inhaling the allergen found on waste matter and body of insect.
  • When human body exposed to area where cockroach infestation.

Roach bite treatment

Wash the area of bite with clean water & soap. Place a cold compress or ice pack on roach bite (to reduce swelling and pain).

After that apply calamine lotion or paste of baking soda+water at injured area. Repeat process time to time to get relief from itching and pain.

Do not take any risk to getting infected by diseases. Get a professional treatment.

Cockroaches Bite Home Remedies

Ice cube or cold pack Apply ice cube on roach bite, it mainly brings down swelling and inflammation.

Onion piece rubbing a piece of onion on bites, it helps to brings out toxins or germs etc, It’s a good first aid.

Alcohol apply some alcohol due to solvent and antiseptic properties.

Baking soda Make a paste with baking soda and water then apply on target (roach bite).

Banana Rubbing inside poration of banana

Raw egg Apply or rub inside film of egg & leave it to complete dry and shrink.

Epsom salt Liquify 1 teaspoon of epsom salt (in hot water). Then touch lightly on roach bite for some time with cotton only.

Peppermint It helps in cooling and prevent from itching, pain and increase flow of blood.

Calamine lotion also very effective and have good result. Cockroach bite remedies

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