identify! 5 Bugs that look like Roaches {but aren’t} Similar Pests

bugs that look like Roaches – Cockroaches are really disgusting and unhygienic pests. They cause various problems and health-related issues. Nobody wants roaches in their home, office, car, and living area. But when you see a bug on the floor, isn’t it hard that it’s a cockroach? And you really hope it’s something else, there are few bugs that look quite similar to cockroaches.

Read this article to know about what bugs look like roaches? Bugs from beetles, crickets, termites, and water bug. Know about if you find out creepy crawler is a roach or something else (imposter).

5 Bugs that look like Roaches But Aren’t

Cockroach Vs Water Bug

Isn’t a water bug a type of roach? That’s a common belief (turns out is actually a common mistake).

Have you heard about Oriental Cockroach or Smoky Brown roaches referred to water bugs. Few bugs are that called water bug i.e water boatman, water scorpions, water striders etc). But only one inest rightfully carries their name – Water bug from Belostomatidae live in water, but roaches love moist and warmth place to hide. Also, some more difference between roaches and water bug.

Cockroach vs Water bug
Cockroach vs Water bug

Some water bug species (giant water bug) grow to be as long as 4 inches while only species (American Cockroach) grow up to 3 inches in length. Water bugs lack antennae and two front legs have pincers. They have strong beaks and commonly known to bite humans unlike roaches prefer to hide. Water bugs diet consist of small aquatic animals like fish and others, Cockroaches eating garbage and scavenging for crumbs. Roach Infestation Signs

Cockroach Vs Beetle

Huge diversity of beetles over 400,000 species. Some of them quite similar to cockroaches in color, shape, size. Some of the species of ground beetle, type of scarab beetle, tend to look like roach. So how you identify it’s a beetle or roach?

Legs and Antennae – We like to inform you that roaches have long legs and antennae, unlike beetle. Wings – Roaches wings always visible and beetle fold their wings beneath extensions of their exoskeleton called wing case. More about Cockroaches

bugs that look like Roaches
bugs that look like Roaches

About Ground beetles – Which have over 2000 species have hard wings, eat garden pests, small heads. Black ground beetle is often confused with Oriental Cockroach. June beetle is reddish-brown to black rounder than roaches.

Beetle attracted to light while roaches tend to avoid light. Also Beetle bite often while a bite from a cockroach is rare. Beetle prefers to live outside and roaches look place in your home to hide.

Identify Cockroach Like Bugs

Baby Cockroach Vs Bed Bug

It’s often happening bed bugs sometimes mistaken for roach nymphs. German baby roach and bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, lack wings, and oval in shape. They are quite similar and harden to between roach and bed bug. Size – Bed bugs and cockroach nymphs length 1/4 inch and can be similar in size.

Cockroach vs Bed bug
Cockroach vs Bed bug

Bed bugs usually shorter and rounder than roaches, bed bugs have more oval shaped bodies.

What do cockroach eats?

Cockroach Vs Palmetto Bug

What’s the difference between a cockroach and a palmetto bug? American roaches and Smoky brown roaches both called palmetto bugs. So is the Florida woods roaches and sometimes the wood roach. Florida wood roach got the nickname because they got this name due to it like to hide beneath Palmetto leaves.

American cockroach is most common and frequently referred to palmetto bugs. Other nickname of American roach include Bombay canary, southern cockroach, flying roach, flying waterbug.

Cockroach Vs Termite

Termites and roaches are pretty diffs in appearance and habits, they are closely related. Cockroach and termites are small in size, soft bodies, and short antennae. Approx 40 species of termites in the US, ranging in color from white to brown. Cockroaches have harder bodies along with long antennae.

Cockroach vs Termite
Cockroach vs Termite

Roaches don’t form colonies and termites are social and prefer to live in larger colonies with a king and queen. Termites also prefer to live inside walls, have plenty of space to build their colonies with a ready food source. They prefer to eat wood, paper unlike roaches will eat just about anything.

Identify insects that look like Roach

Cockroach Vs Cricket

Crickets from the family Gryllidae and color range from brown to black. Cockroaches’ bodies are flattened and oval-shaped unlike cricket has a cylindrical body. Cricket has very long antennae and legs (need for jumping) but roaches prefer crawls and running. Cricket has very long rear legs and roaches all legs are similar in size. Bugs that look like Roaches

Cockroach Biology and Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cockroach a beetle?

Some roaches species resemble some beetle, they are different type of pests. Cockroaches are actually much more closely related to termites than a beetle.

What color are roaches?

Most household roaches color range from dull yellowish brown to dark brown. Almost black of Oriental cockroach.

What do small cockroaches look like?

All pest roaches have oblong bodies, short spiny legs and long antennae. Color from yellowish brown to dark brown (Vary species to species).

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