Brown Banded Cockroach {Supella Longipalpa} Control ‘Eggs-Baby’

Brown Banded Cockroach {Supella Longipalpa} Control ‘Eggs-Baby’

Scientific Name – Supella longipalpa

Cockroach known as unhygienic scavenger around human settlement. More than four thousand five hundred species identified from all over the world. Very few species found considered as common out of which Brown banded also common species. Brown banded known as small species of cockroach approx 10-14 mm long.

Scientific classification –

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Super Order Dictyoptera
Order Blattodea
Family Ectobiidae
Genus Supella
Species S.longipalpa
Brown Banded Cockroach
Brown Banded Cockroach


Length – 10-14 mm long and most well known in genus Supella.

Color – Color from tan to light brown and two light colored bands across the wings and abdomen. Bands are quite noticeable & may be broken and irregular bands.

Wings – The male has wings and cover the abdomen, as well as while the female has wings (smaller than male). Do not cover abdomen completely.

Shape – Male brown banded roach appear more slender than female roach. Female appear much wider than male.

-> Female roach are shorter and stouter than male. Nymph and adult easily distinguish by two brownish, board bands across body.

Brown Banded Cockroach

They mainly prefer warm and dry location like near refrigerator motor, upper wall of cabinet, furniture, pantries, closets and others. They may also found behind frames, under table, chair, furniture, radio, light switch plates, door frames.

Brown Banded Cockroach Life cycle & Lifespan –

As like other species brownbanded cockroach have three developmental stage Eggs, Nymph and Adult.

Brown banded roach baby
Brown banded roach baby

Eggs Phase – Egg laid in capsules (ootheca) and carries for about 30 hours before she fasten it on protected and hidden place (walls, ceilings, furniture). Female cockroach produce up to 13 eggs in a time. They can produce up to 14 egg capsules. Egg stage time duration varies from 37 to 103 days (number of days depending upon temperature).

Nymph Phase – Brown banded Cockroach baby take total time duration from 8 to 31 weeks and goes through various instars before adult phase. During developmental stage species goes through various molts and colour, body changed a lot.

Adult Phase – Female adult Brown banded roach lifespan of 13 to 45 weeks. Each female produce about 600 descendants per year.

Supella Longipalpa Roach Facts

They increase their number rapidly.

Like other species of cockroaches, it may consume wide range of food like glue or paste. Also animal based material.

Brownbanded roach also consume starch, color dyes, stemps, envelopes, books, draperies.

They cause disease and bacteria or protozoa carried on dirty body and legs.

How to control cockroach – Sticky traps, Sanitation, Structural modifications, Chemical control. Cockroach hated coffee, colve, bay leaf, boric acid and detergent.

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Can brown banded cockroaches bite humans ? 

Yes, they can bite but very rarely. They may bite humans when body in not active or during sleeping. Their bite slightly bigger than mosquito bite. But their bite may cause irritation and redness. Brown banded roach bite near nails, hair, eye lashes and target soft skin.

Home Remedies for Brown banded Cockroaches Bite ?

When cockroach may bite – Firstly wash target area with soap and water. After that use baking soda+water paste to get relief. Applying onion, alcohol, banana, raw egg, epsom salt can be used to treat cockroach bite.

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