American Cockroach Facts (Periplaneta Americana) Eggs/Bite

American Cockroach Facts (Periplaneta Americana) Eggs/Bite

Scientific Name – Periplaneta americana

Cockroaches are insects flattened from top to bottom usually two pairs of wings folded flat over the back. Rarely fly but walk very fast. One of the most common roach species around human settlements.

American roach occurs around the world and normally 35-40 mm length. Color – reddish to chocolate brown. Most common insect around world and cockroach successfully adjust to living with humans. American roach known as largest of the species. Details you must know about facts, life cycle, facts, eggs, reproduction, control and treatment.

Most common among species around human habits. They can survive several days without food and water. So it’s known as unhygienic scavenger & play supplementary role in various disease and allergic reaction.

Therefore American Cockroach size color description habitat – American roach a large cockroach and length of adult roach varies from 35-40 mm.  antennae extending from head and equal length as the body. reddish brown to Dark brown & also has yellow margin behind the head.

American Cockroach Life Cycle

Scientific Classification

Biological Name Periplaneta americana
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Blattodea
Family Blattidae
Genus Periplaneta
Species P. americana
American Cockroach Image
American Cockroach Image

American Cockroach facts & Information

  • It commonly known as water bug and major pest in United state.
  • Largest house-infesting roaches
  • They have 6 legs and two antennae
  • Roaches will seek water and moist places
  • They are common insect pests found in all over India and live in bathroom, drains as well as dumpster, also live in group.
  • Also they carries bacteria on body and cause for various diseases and infection.
  • They are older than dinosaurs and have more than 4000 species, some cockroach can grow upto 3 inches long

Cockroach can hold their breath upto forty minutes.

They can live for a week without its head and can eat anything.

Also that tolerate high radiation

American roach produce strong unpleasant odor.

Interesting facts – American roaches significant pests throughout world. However they not native to America at all, original home of AC is tropical Africa. Research indicate they transport to America on slave ships.

Periplaneta Americana Facts

Life cycle contain three stages Egg, Nymph and adult. a female roach will mate and produce an egg case in 3-7 days. She will carry egg case from producing from tip of abdomen for another two days. After that ootheca will deposited at hidden location and glued at surface with female’s saliva. Ootheca contain approx 16 eggs and incubation period 24-38 days. Nymph will go through 7-8 molts (instars) to become mature.

Further Molting involves periodic shedding, molted cockroaches completely white in color causing people to believe that they are albino cockroaches. American Cockroaches will complete their development (become mature) in six to 12 months. Adult American Cockroaches can live one year to one & half year. Female roaches produce new egg capsule about every 9 days, resulting production between 25-30 egg cases during mature life.


And American cockroaches life span cycle from egg to adult everage about 600 days and adult life span may be another 400 days.

American cockroach diet

They feed on wide range of material including beer. Also food material, beer, potted plants, wallpaper paste, soap, postage stamps, fermented material, pet food and human food. Also they can eat contaminated food, clothing, paper goods. American cockroach care discussed below.

American Cockroaches Reproduction

Roaches life cycle have three major phases Eggs, Nymph and Adult.

American Cockroach Egg

Females of roaches lay their eggs in purse shaped egg case (ootheca). After mating female produces an ootheca at peak of her reproductive period. Sixteen eggs per egg case. They deposits ootheca near source of food. Ootheca place with the help of secretion from her mouth. Egg case contain enough water for eggs to develop.

American roach egg case ootheca
American roach egg case ootheca

Brown egg case turn black in a day or two and 8 mm long and 5 mm high.

Nymph In this stage egg hatches and ends with emergence of adult. During this phase 6-14 instars. In first instars they white in color and immediately after hatching & become grayish brown. Wings not present in nymphal stages and complete development from egg to adult in 600 days and nymph and adult actively forage for food and water.

Adult American roaches is reddish brown with pale brown or yellow band around the edge of pronotum. Normally male are longer than female.

How to get rid of American Cockroach or Treatment 

Chemical Method – Baits, Aerosol sprays, IGR (Insect Growth Regulators),

Non Chemical Method – Inorganic Dusts, Exclusion.

Also Repellent

Cleanliness & Hygiene


Question Do American cockroaches bite human?

Yes they can bite humans (living or dead) cockroaches bites are most likely to occur while sleeping (but in rare case). They do not feed on blood & they don’t bite out of defense or not aggressive insects. Roaches prefer bite on eyelashes, feet, dead skin and nail tips.

Question What happened when American roach bite human?

They not carry any venom or dangerous chemical. if they bite marks will look like mosquito bites and cause irritation and may also mild allergic reaction.

Do American cockroaches carry various microbes which responsible for diseases They spread illness due to run around sewers, crawls around dirty places, dumpsters, toilet rims, garbage cans. Also Roaches to spread of salmonellosis, dysentery, cholera, E.coli, typhoid fever, leprosy and plague. Roaches play supplementary role in spread of disease.

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Read few points regarding american roach from WHO file – click here to open

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